Giulia Magg
1984, Dolo (VE), IT.

Giulia Magnaguagno, stage name GiuliaMagg, was born in Dolo (Venice, Italy) on December 21st, 1984.

Since she was a teenager she felt the desire to interact with different cultures and meet people from all over the world. She has always been a natural explorer, and travels are a constant in her life.

Today  she is a professional photographer, creative director and the co-funder of VITAMINA Project, a travel blog that spreads the idea of sustainable tourism, protection and promotion of natural and cultural heritage as well.

During the last few years Giulia travelled a lot and she had the opportunity to live in several countries among locals and indigenous people mainly around Latin and Central America: as a matter of fact Giulia’s photography and style has moved towards travel, social and portrait photography along years.

Thanks to her education, she has become a photographer and artist with a strong visual and cinematographic expressivity, which effortly moves between urban and natural landscapes, portraits, corporate and lifestyle photography:

  • in 2006 she achieves a BFA degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies at IULM University in Milan.
  • in 2007 she successfully attend the EFTI Academy in Madrid graduating in Professional Photography; the same year she also graduates in Fashion Photography at the KELTIA Academy in Madrid.
  • Later on she moves to Rome where she a post graduate in Direction of Photography at the ACT Multimedia. Moreover she had the honour to collaborate with Franco Di Giacomo, Director of Photography of the movie “Il Postino”, in many cinema shootings and movie direction experiences.
  • in 2011 Giulia is called to organize the photographic exhibition “Che Guevara, Photographer” at the “Museo Roma In Trastevere” in Rome, a co-working experience that gives her the opportunity to direct and meets the Embassy of Cuba in Italy and the Council of Rome needs and desires for the massive project.
  • She wins a 2 months artistic residency in Tijuana (Mexico), which will greatly enrich her artistic and evolutive process, opening new professional horizons and providing opportunities for international exhibitions.

GiuliaMagg has a well defined style, with an acute perception and awareness of sensitivity which is imprinted in her picture, a wide spectre of patterns based on a keen sense of composition and a refined aesthetic, legacy of her cinematographic heritage.

Instagram feed @giuliamagg